Adolescence Programs

Brentwood offers a spiritually based abstinence program for youth challenged by substance abuse:

  • For adolescents 13-15 we offer specialized day treatment programming.
  • Emerging adults aged 16-18+ are enrolled in our Residential Treatment Program.

These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of our youth. This safe therapeutic community allowed youth to foster and build healthy relationships, enhance life/social skills and learn positive ways to cope with life’s challenges. The duration of the Residential and Day Treatment Program is determined by the youth’s individual needs and progress.

Adolescent Program

Our adolescent program consists of counselling group sessions, 45 minutes in duration offered 4-times each day for 5 days Monday through Friday. Saturdays offers group and a graduation ceremony. On Sunday there is an assembly meeting. In addition, there are spiritual theme meetings Monday thru Friday from which the core group therapy sessions get its sharing topic for group discussion, group interaction, and sharing. One on one’s (peer to peer) are offered throughout the day and at request. Individual counselling sessions are arranged with counsellors on a need basis as determined by staff.

Parental/Guardian Involvement

Parental/Family participation is a key component of the Recovery Process. Brentwood’s Family Systems Model of Treatment combines addiction treatment with prevention and awareness to produce the best possible outcomes.

Upon an Adolescent’s intake, a Parent of an alumni Adolescent will be introduced to help support the Adolescent’s Parent into the “Parental Support Network”. Parental Support Group Meetings are also available and will be discussed with the parent.

We encourage all Parents/Guardian to stay connected with their Adolescent’s Group Leader to help encourage, support their adolescent while on program and afterwards in their aftercare recovery.


Our Adolescent’s education is important to us. In co-operation with our local School Boards, on-site classes ensure that our Adolescents can continue or reconnect their education while in our care.

We also offer Night School to those Adolescent’s that may have missed out on their High School Diploma and work with them to help achieve their Grade 12 diploma and/or help them prepare for College.

Social Events

One of Brentwood’s motto’s is “Recovery can be fun!”. For our adolescents we offer weekly Art Indeed visits and are constantly encouraging our Adolescents to use their creativity, while of course having fun! We also offer “not so ordinary Drama Classes”, that will leave you laughing so hard! Gym visits help Adolescents get out their extra energy and help keep them healthy. Every Thursday is our Bowling afternoon. Along with our weekly activities for the Adolescents, Brentwood also has Social Events that they can participate in – Trivia Nights, Talent Shows, Fundraisers (Brentwood Walkathon, Youth Breakfast), etc.

We understand how hard it is for not just Adolescents, but with all our client’s – how hard it can be to start having fun sober, which is why we try to break the ice and remind everyone that Recovery can be fun!

Safe Haven

Located in Brentwood Youth Wing you will find an inviting common area full of couches, games, a television. In short – a “Safe Space” for Adolescents to have fun in a supervised area with one of own Staff. Adolescents are invited while on program and welcomed in their aftercare to come hang out in the Safe Haven. The Safe Haven was created in hopes of those Adolescents whom have recently graduated could come “hang out” in a Safe place.

Life Skills Program

Adolescent Clients are introduced to the Life Skills Program. The Life Skills Program is about learning simple every day to day basic Life Skills to help prepare for Adult hood and/or becoming more independent. Learning how to properly manage money, creating budgets, properly learning how to study, creating a resume, nutrition, us self-care, job searching, etc. are simple examples of some of the things Life Skills hope to offer our Adolescents as they recover from Substance Abuse and learn to make appropriate decisions for their future.