Adult Programs

It all begins with a call to our Intake office.

Our experienced Intake staff will complete a phone interview with each prospective client. This will determine suitability for our programs. Clients may be placed in our 21 day program with the possible follow-up, or a 90 day program.  Factors such as whether or not the person has a job, a support system, history of compliance, relapses and breakthroughs will assist in determining the correct program.  The residential programs are gender inclusive, but men and women are separated for all groups, meals, lodging and program related activities.  Fraternizing is prohibited.  Brentwood retains the right to decline a client.  Please note, those who resides outside Essex, Kent, or Lambton counties are usually designated for the long-term program.

Short-term Program

Our short-term program is a residential program which is highly structured consisting of daily meetings, one on ones, intensive group therapy, and individual counselling. After completion of 21 days, the clients are reassessed to determine whether they should move to our Long-term program or continue with our Follow-up program. If a client chooses to leave after 21 days, they are not granted the status of alumnus or Graduate.

Long-term Program

Our long-term program is a 90 day residential program and is structured the same as our 21 day short-term program. After completion of the 90-day long-term program the client is considered an alumnus of Brentwood and encouraged to continue to attend meetings and groups regularly. The person who graduates has the full use of meetings, social activities, counselling, Youth and Spouse Support.

Follow-up Program

Our follow-up program is for clients that have completed the 21 day short-term program and will not be staying for the 90 day long-term program or for clients that are unable to complete the 90 day program because of outside demands. The follow-up program is 4 months in duration and requires the client to participate in program for a total of 12 hours per week. After completion of the 90 day long-term program the client is considered an alumnus of Brentwood and encouraged to continue to attend meetings and groups regularly.


When a person completes the program, they graduate and become part of the Brentwood Alumni. Extensive Aftercare services are provided to the recovering alcoholic and their family. These services include counselling, family support groups and couples counselling. For out of town Alumni, are asked to connect with their Group Leaders if there are any “Brentwood Groups” in their area. Out of district Alumni are also encouraged to use other self-groups as part of their continuing aftercare.


If an alumnus relapses the individual’s situation is assessed, and a determination is made as to whether they will be permitted to continue to attend aftercare or if they need to be readmitted to a program. In either case, if the client is permitted to attend aftercare or it, they are readmitted, it will be required that the client attends our Relapse Prevention Group.