Family Support

Addictions affect the whole family.

Family participation is a key component of the Recovery Process. Brentwood’s Family Systems Model of Treatment combines addiction treatment with prevention and awareness to produce the best possible outcomes.

Women’s Support Group

The Support Group is for the woman to learn about the alcoholic in her life and more importantly to learn more about herself, to gain self-worth and wisdom to live life to the fullest. Support meetings are held every week, on Wednesday night at 6:00pm and are held in the former Youth Wing building. They discuss different topics each week. They break into groups and one-on-ones after the topic has been defined. The Leader sits with new women to talk with them and hopefully get them to feel comfortable.

Couple’s Support Group

Couples groups meet every second Monday evening for those who are either in the program or are alumni. Usually, 40 to 50 couples attend these lectures and groups. The couple’s program is not open to the public. This program helps to deal with relationship issues. Mistrust and poor communication are issues that often need to be dealt with.

Junior Youth Group

One of the greatest tragedies of alcoholism is its impact on the innocent children of the alcoholic. The Junior Youth Group is open to 7 to 16 years of age. We offer speakers who talk about a variety of topics from anger to bullying. There is also a computer lab, crafts and many sports for kids to have fun. The main goal of this group is to let kids be kids. Too often the children of alcoholics are exposed to unhealthy issues. The child may identify with a parent; it could be the alcoholic. The youth are encouraged to express themselves and to not blame themselves for their parent’s problem. If this isn’t done, it can lead to future relationship, alcohol and substance abuse problems.

A parent/guardian must accompany their child/children to the Junior Youth Group. While the children go to their group or activity, the parents attend a group where they share on parenting-related topics.