Brentwood Recovery’s Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I prepare for my stay?

We have put together a helpful info-sheet on how to prepare for your stay.  Click on the button below to download it.

Can I just walk-in to be admitted?

No. We currently do not accept walk-in clients. Every Intake begins with a phone call. Every situation is different, and the phone interviews helps determine suitability for program and identify any items needing to be completed prior to admission. We understand how hard the decision is to get help and do our best to return your phone call in one to two business days. Please note, you must give a return number where you will be best available – Mon to Fri, 8am to 3pm. It is your responsibility to answer the call back, Brentwood will not leave a message out of respect for your privacy.

Do I have to have a drinking or drug problem to come?

  • No, we may be able to help with a variety of addiction abuse, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, gambling, or eating disorders. Some clients have been through our program with no history of substance abuse at all.
  • We focus primarily on honesty, accountability and developing connections with others in recovery. Past trauma and learning healthy ways to cope are discussed. Lived and shared experiences are a key component in Recovery.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are accepted from hospitals, physicians, psychiatrists, the legal community, unions, withdrawal management, community agencies and employers. As well, self-referrals attend at the suggestion of family, friends, word of mouth or the information on our website. A simple phone call to our Intake Office will begin the process.

Do we accept Methadone or Suboxone?

At the moment, we do not accept clients on Methadone. Our intake staff will discuss options with you during the admission process.

I need help, I can’t do this on my own anymore!

  • If you have been sober – please call contact our Intake Department, (519) 253-2441 ext 206, leave a message, they WILL return your phone call in 1 to 2 business days. Please be patient. The Intake Department receives over 150 phone calls a week. We know how hard it can be be!
  • If you haven’t been sober or actively using – please contact the Withdrawal Management, (519) 257-5225 to inquire about availability about a bed. After receiving a bed at Withdrawal Management give Brentwood’s Intake a call and leave them a message letting them know you are at Withdrawal Management. Brentwood and Withdrawal Management work together to help get the client from Withdrawal Management to Brentwood.
  • If you are feeling in full crisis mode, please visit your nearest hospital. *see hospitals below

Hospitals in Windsor:

Windsor Regional Hospital – Ouellette Campus
1030 Ouellette Ave
Windsor, ON N9A 1E1

(519) 254-5577

Windsor Regional Hospital – Metropolitan Campus
1995 Lens Ave
Windsor, ON N8W 1L9

(519) 254-5577

What is the Intake process like?

  • The first step to come in is making a phone call to the Intake Department, (519) 253-2441 ext 206.
  • Please leave your name and phone number that you will be available at for one to two days. They will return your phone call in sequence; it is important that you answer phone call from (519). If they miss you answering the phone they will continue, and you will have to call them back and leave another message.
  • When they call you back, they will start an over the phone interview to see what your current situation is, how long you have been sober and may ask you to do things prior to admission.
  • After everything is settled, they will give you an admission date and time to come in. DO NOT COME IN PRIOR TO THE DATE.
  • Please bring your Health Card with you, at the of your admission appointment.
  • At the time of admission, the client will be assigned with a Senior Client who will help them enter program smoothly and to introduce them to their Home Group and roommates.

Why isn’t Intake answering the phone?

Intake does not answer the phone – we ask that you please leave a message with your name and phone number. Intake is usually on the phone in the middle of conducting over the phone interviews or currently have clients in their office whom are coming in for program. We ask that you please be patient.


No information is released about any client without their written consent.

Is there a wait list?

Brentwood has one of the lowest wait-time in all of Ontario – however there are protocol that must be followed prior to admission. Please refer to the Admission Process in the Recovery Pathway.

Can I have visitors or mail?

  • Visiting hours are only Saturday and Sunday and select Holidays from 12pm to 4pm. Visitors must be cleared with the Client’s Group Leader and are to report to Men’s Duty Office upon arrival.
  • Mail is allowed, please clearly write the Client’s name on the envelope:
    <client’s name>
    c/o Brentwood
    2335 Dougall Ave
    Windsor, ON N8X 1S9

How can my family get involved?

Father believed that the whole family is affected by alcohol and addiction. We currently have support for those family members interested. Clients should speak to their Group Leader about getting additional support for their family when they are on program.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas. Smoking is not permitted in rooms or any buildings.

Can I bring my phone, music or laptop with me?

There is a no phone on property rule. Pay phones will be provided, please bring a calling card or change to make phones. Music is allowed in common areas only. Personal music devices, tablets and laptops are prohibited.

What happens after graduation/next?

During the eighth week, the client’s job status and living arrangements are reviewed. If needed, referrals will be given to local agencies that can offer assistance and time will be set aside for apartment and/or job search.