Counselling Services

Counselling is available and covered by many health insurance providers.

Counselling is provided to all Clients and Alumni as part of the lifelong recovery process. People seek direction and receive guidance in making decisions.

Health Services

Brentwood has a very knowledgeable and friendly group of professionals working in the Medical department. There is a Nurse Practitioner who also checks any Program men or women for health issues. Labs visits are on site when blood work is done. There is access to an on-site Hep “C” clinic. One of the staff is delegated to assist clients with medical forms, unemployment forms and sick and accident forms. All Staff on all shifts are trained in C.P.R. and Defibrillation. All medication is turned in to Medical from the clients upon entry into Brentwood. It is kept in a locked area and is dispensed daily in the prescribed manner. There is on-site O.T.N. for out-of-town referrals. The Medical Department works closely with the Intake Department regarding new administration, medication, and health concerns.